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Sabah is one of the best all round diving destinations in the asian region, offering a unique range of diving experiences. For beginners you can learn in the still clear waterof Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, trained by experts.

For advanced divers, there’s the extraordinary beauty of Sipadan, one of the world’s most famous diving destinations and Layang Layang an atoll with an untouched deep sea environment.

For Wreck enthusiasts, there’s easy to reach, spectacular vessels in the waters of Labuan. And for some of the world’s best micro fish watching and photographic opportunities Mabul Island offers access to species not found anywhere else in the world.

Simply the best diving resort on Borneo. Twin bedded cottages over the Celebes Sea with pri­vate sun deck & ensuite bathroom facilities. Enjoy a complete diving experience with the best in accomodation and diving as Mabul Island is a paradise for micro fish and only minutes away from the dive sites of Sipadan Island.

Widely renowned for professionalism, logistical advantage dive equipment retail and world standard Diving Destination.

Located right on Sipidan Island has some of the best diving in the world Great visibility warm water sharks turtles pelogics new and undiscovered dive sties 31 rooms and the coolest dive centre on the island. Why choose us we love diving But we have to come up for air sometimes, so join us and discover Sabah Island tours, snorkeling fishing charters, Jungle expeditions.

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