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Jantar Mantar Observatory in India

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The Jantar Mantar at Jaipur is a unique example of modern structure, built to study the movements of sun, moon, planets and the stars. Biggest among five observatories in India, Jantar Mantar is known for its wonderful masonry work.

Maharaja Jai Singh II of the Rajputana dynasty was a learned man and an astronomer, who was deeply interested in the movements of the celestial bodies. His deep interest towards the subject prompted him to built this famous monuments in the Pink City of Rajasthan. The word Jantar Mantar is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yantra Mantra' meaning instruments and formulae. The basic idea behind the construction of Jantar Mantar was not only to observe the movement of celestial bodies, but also to develop interest in the field of astronomy. Considered as one of the biggest observatories in India, Jantar Mantar comprises of 17 instruments with each instruments solving different purposes. Some of the famous instruments installed in the surroundings of Jantar Mantar are Dhruv Yantra, Kranti Yantra and the Chakra Yantra.

Dhruv Yantra
One of the famous instruments located on the turf of Jantar Mantar, Dhruv Yantra is very useful from the human perspective. It is used to study the position of the Pole Star at night and the 12 zodiac signs.

Kranti Yantra
The large Kranti Yantra was employed for the measurement of the longitude and latitude of the celestial bodies.

Chakra Yantra
The Chakra Yantra gives the angular measurement of an object from the equator.

Nearby Attractions
City Palace : Located in the heart of the Jaipur city, City Palace is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Known for the Rajput and Mughal architecture, City Palace is a perfect blend of tradition and culture.

Albert Hall (Central Museum) : Built in the year 1868 by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, Albert Hall is also known as Central Museum located in the Ram Niwas Garden. There are may tourist sight located over here like a zoo, a greenhouse, an aviary, a museum and a sports ground.

Hawa Mahal : A famous landmark of Jaipur City, Hawa Mahal is known for the series of sandstone screens. The pink structure was basically constructed for the ladies to see the royal processions without being seen by any outsider. This sandstone edifice was named Palace of Winds after the many brass wind vanes that adorned it until 1960s.

How to Get There
By Air : Sanganer Airport, Jaipur is the nearest airport, located at a distance of 15 kms from the city.

By Rail : Jaipur Railway station is the nearest one and all the major trains like Rajdhani express, Shatabadi Express and the Pink City Express stops here.

By Road : Jaipur is connected by the network of roads and the Rajasthan State Transport runs their deluxe and semi deluxe buses, that connects Jaipur to major cities of Rajasthan, Delhi, etc.

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