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Pantal Plengkung Indonesia

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East Java-Indonesia
One of the most action-packed beaches in Asia is a wildly remote and obscure stretch of white sand on the island of Java in Indonesia. Itís little known to the gen≠eral public, but itís famous among surfers world-wide as ďG-LandĒ, named after the nearby village of Garajagan and Gerry Lopez, the surf hero from Hawaii who in the 1980s was one of the first to master the long barrelling lefts breaking on the coral reef fronting Plengkung Beach.

Pantai Plengkung is as far off the beaten track as itís possible to get on the crowded island of Java, and the phenomenal waves of G-Land werenít discovered until the early 1970s when a surfer looked out the window of an aeroplane as it flew over the tip of Java. Word soon filtered back through the travelling surfer fraternity about the incredible waves on the edge of the jungle. By the 1980s, several spartan surf camps were regularly bringing in surf≠ers and supplies by boat, using tree houses for accommodation, making the most of the natural air conditioning.

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